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Hi and welcome to my smugmug account, if you're here you probably know me and my love for sports. If you don't know me I coached youth sports for many years. With my children grown I took up photography as a way to stay involved in sports. There have been a lot of people asking about buying pictures from the games I've photographed. I never envisioned myself selling any pictures. I also never envisioned spending this much money on equipment, so in order to make available some of the pictures I've taken and perhaps defray some of the expense I've incurred I offer you this, the chapelhillbill smugmug galleries. I hope you enjoy your visit here, buy a few pics and visit often. Please feel free to e-mail me at with any questions, comments or requests or leave comments here at the galleries.
Thanks to Jerry Hooper for his contributions to "chapelhillbill".

Thanks, Bill

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